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AFFEW, which stands for A Few Friends for the Environment of the World and their Children, was formed in 1990, and has been involved in the Ludington, Mason County Michigan community in several ways.

  • AFFEW hosts public meetings to promote better understanding between local environmentalists and industry.
  • We encourage environmental education in the schools.
  • We try to find answers and solutions to environmental questions and problems.
  • We research rumors of environmental hazards, and try to bring unbiased reports of our findings to the public’s attention.
  • We educate people concerning pending legislation that affects environmental issues.


  • We regularly clean much of the beach between Ludington and Ludington State Park.
  • We joined the Michigan Adopt-A-Highway program, and maintain a two mile section of US 31 south of Ludington.
  • Members have helped clean dune areas and local parks.


AFFEW has initiated projects such as:

  • Household Hazardous Waste Disposal
  • Christmas Tree Recycling
  • Household Battery Recycling
  • Planting dune grass

And has made an effort to make them self-sustaining. These projects are designed to prevent damage to the environment, and thus to prevent the need for costly clean-ups.


Our website is a vehicle for communication with our members about activities that are coming up, and where volunteers are needed in the area for environmental projects.
We also provide the results of any research that we have been doing on local issues as well as those that are of general concern.
We hope the website can be a useful resource, allowing member discussions, community input, local environmental reports, "hot" topics and some fun trivia too!
We link to the larger environmental world to increase our knowledge of how to become better stewards of the planet!


We are on Facebook as A Few Friends for the Environment of the World (AFFEW)


If you feel you would like to be a part of our organization, please see our membership form and then e-mail or write us at the address below. Rest assured your name will not be sold to anyone.  One of our delights is to repress junk mail. Dues go to support activities. Some of our dues are spent on mailing the newsletter, and the paper it's printed on, being recycled, it is a bit more expensive than some.  Maintaining a website is also an expense.  We plan to increase the number of one-time volunteer jobs that we do.  And then sometimes we just have a picnic or a nature hike if anybody is interested.

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PO BOX 177
LUDINGTON, MI 49431   PO Box 177; Ludington, MI 49431