Community Pride

AFFEW and the City of Ludington are inviting Families (people that live in the same household) to help out with a few projects. Please practice social distancing and mask wearing. Post a picture of your family on AFFEW’s Facebook page after your project is done! Thanks for helping our Community! 

Garlic Mustard Pulling at Cartier Park

Each spring, large patches of Garlic Mustard pop up near the the dog park and by the gazebo in Cartier Park. You can help eliminate this invasive species by pulling and properly disposing of it.

Bring water, gloves and wear long pants, long sleeved shirt and closed toed shoes. Pull garlic mustard from the ground, by the stem, trying to get all the roots out. Place the garlic mustard plants into a doubled plastic garbage bag. Note:  If the garlic mustard plants have seeds on them, try to keep the seed on the plant and in the bag!! Place the double bagged garbage bags in the garbage cans at the park or in your own garbage can at home. Visit the Midwest Invasive Species Network (NISIN) for more information on Garlic Mustard.

Pick-up Trash Around Town and the Beach

Ludington is renown for its great hometown atmosphere and beautiful beaches. Pitch in and make a difference in our community! Wear gloves for your protection and bring a plastic grocery or garbage bag. Walk around town or at the beach and pick up garbage only.  Be careful about glass and/or syringes. No need to collect organic matter, (sticks, dead fish, feathers, leaves, etc.) Thank you for helping keep our community beautiful!

Don’t forget to post a group photo on AFFEW’s Facebook Page of your amazing accomplishments!