Native Plant Sale

Saturday, June 13 * 9:30 am-12 pm

Rotary Park, Ludington

Help protect our species by gardening with native plants! AFFEW will offer a variety of native plants for sale in early June. These important plant species provide nectar, pollen, and seeds that serve as food for insects, birds and animals. They also require minimal maintenance and the deep root system of native plants absorb more water than a traditional lawn.  AFFEW will partner with Birdsfoot Native Nursery to bring these amazing plants to YOU!

2020 Preorders will be accepted through June 5. This year ONLY garden and signal species flats can be preordered. There will be a LARGE selection of individual quarts available the day of the sale and a representative from Birdsfoot Native Nursery will be there to answer any questions. Check or Credit Card will be accepted for preorders.

AFFEW Members who order Garden or Single Species Flats will receive a 15% Discount on their preorder PLUS admission to the 9 am presale AND an additional 15% discount on all quarts purchased at the presale!

On the day of the sale a variety of safety procedures will be observed to assure the safety of volunteers and attendees. The day will be split between preorders and those purchasing that day. All volunteers will wear face masks while working the event. Hand sanitizer will be available for volunteers and the public. Individuals attending the event are strongly encouraged to wear a face mask for their safety and that of others. Social distancing will be required throughout the event. Thank you for your understanding and support of these necessary safety procedures.

Garden and Single Species Flats

Each Garden Flat comes with 38 organic plugs and a design plan with a mixture of plants. They include instructions and layout for a 4’x10’ garden. These one year plants are grown without chemical fertilizers or pesticides. They typically do not bloom or reach full maturity until the second year.

Garden Flats | $70

Butterfly GardenPollinator GardenRain Garden
Wildflower GardenLow Growing GardenShoreline Flat Garden
PLEASE NOTE: Plant substitution may take place due to availability for Garden Flats.

Single Species Flats

Single species flats of wildflowers, grasses and sledges are also available and comes with 38 plugs. Wildflowers & Grasses: $56 | Sedges: $70

2020 Single Species Plant List