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AFFEW's Battery Recycling Program

AFFEW has collected 1700 hundred pounds of household batteries for recycling, from seven different collection points within the past six months. You can find collection barrels at Briggs Hardware, Ludington Library, West Shore Community College, United Methodist Church, Mason County Central Middle School, Peoples’ Church and Evergreen Natural Foods Store.

Recycle batteriesIf your business or organization would like to be a collection point, please call Heidi Moloney, 231-845-0029.  Due to the limits of our grant funding, AFFEW is unable to fully pay for additional battery drop sites, however we will subsidize 30% of the total cost to recycle a five-gallon pail over the next six months.  Currently it costs approximately $80.00 to recycle one five-gallon pail of batteries. AFFEW will pay for $30.00 if your organization will pay the remaining $50.00 per pail.  We regret that the cost is so high, but they are very heavy to ship, and this does ensure the batteries are safely transported and recycled at Battery Solutions in Howell, Michigan. Please join in our efforts to make this a safer and cleaner world for all, and be sure to use rechargeable batteries when possible.  They have a great return on investment!   PO Box 177; Ludington, MI 49431