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Beach Sweep Sculpture  
August 17, 2016, 7:00 pm  
Stearns Beach  
Turn trash into art and environmental awareness with the Makers Market of Ludington and A Few Friends for the Environment of the World (AFFEW).  By using debris collected from the local shoreline of Lake Michigan, the community is invited to help construct a sculpture of a Lake Trout, the largest native trout species of Michigan.
Plastics and other inorganic trash collected from area beaches will be sorted by color and affixed to the form of the trout.  The resulting sculpture will represent a variety of pollutants that make their way into Lake Michigan and aims to bring awareness to the pollutants that threaten native species of the Great Lakes.
The sculpture will continue to develop where the community is encouraged to bring in collected debris (weather-washed plastics and other clean inorganic trash, please) from local beaches to add to the sculpture.  The final project will be announced and on display October 7th during Octoberfest. AFFEW PO Box 177; Ludington, MI 49431