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Sand Mining Forum  
May 18, 2016, 7:00 pm  
Ludington City Hall Community Room (downstairs)  
Moderator: Larry Kivela  
  Each speaker will be given 20 minutes.   
  Written questions will be collected from the audience.  
1. Dr. Ted Auch; FracTracker Alliance  
  Ted will report on sand mining that is being done around the Midwest and the mining being done here.
2. Tanya Cabala; Environmental Consultant and former director of Lake Michigan Federation  
  Tanya will speak on her experience with sand dunes and ideas for what citizens can do to protect the dunes.
3. Al Henning, Engineer  
  Al will talk about the economic benefits of allowing the Sargent Sand Site to return to a natural area.
4. Adam Wygant; Geologist and Section Chief for the DEQ Office of Oil, Gas, and Minerals Permitting and Technical Services Section.  
  Adam will speak on the Sand Mining Act and future plans of Sargent Sand.
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