Invasive Species Removal

Invasive Species Removal at Cartier Park

April-September  *  Second Tuesday | 10 am-Noon   *   Fourth Tuesday | 6 pm – 8 pm

Help treat and remove a variety of invasive plant species at Cartier Park. A discussion to identify these plants will take place before we begin. AFFEW partners with the City of Ludington, Mason-Lake Conservation District and North Country CISMA to remove/treat these aggressive plants. Below is more information on some of the challenging invasive plants at Cartier Park.

Check the schedule on our Events and Activities page for dates we’ll be meeting. Meet at the Ludington Central Bark Park at the end of Rath Ave. Bring water, gloves and wear long pants, long sleeved shirt and closed toed shoes. Event will be held in fair weather, and sometimes wraps up early, depending on site conditions. Please note: both September events will be at 10 am.  To receive a reminder email about upcoming events and cancellations due to weather, email Sara Bolan at

Japanese barberry

Unfortunately some of these invasive species can still be bought at nurseries and big box stores. When considering plants for your property choose native species over invasive.  Once an invasive plant escapes into a natural area it can cause significant issues for native plants and wildlife. This includes altering soil chemistry in a way that gives future generations of invasive plants a competitive advantage.

Below is information compiled by Dave Dister, local botanist and author of The Birds of Mason County, Michigan, regarding invasive species he has identified at Cartier Park and his extensive research on the “Vascular Flora of Ludington State Park”. He’s also provided additional resources you may find interesting.

Michigan Flora On-Line ( Michigan Flora ) [note that distribution maps by county don’t distinguish between native plants and escapes from cultivation, though species accounts may comment on that]
A Field Guide to the Natural Communities of Michigan (Joshua G. Cohen, Michael A. Kost, Bradford S. Slaughter, & Dennis A. Albert), MNFI, Michigan State University Press, 2015
Native American Medicinal Plants, An Ethnobotanical Dictionary, Daniel E. Moerman, Timber Press, 2009

Learn more about invasive species and how to report them on North Country CISMA‘s website. View their High Priority Species  page for more information on identify invasive plant species in Michigan.