Local Partners

Links to Local Partners and Other Information

Freshwater Future | Works with the community towards a healthy future for the waters in our Great Lakes. Offers PFAS Test and Response Kits for residential use. More information about PFAS: Is PFAS in your drinking water? | PFAS Action Plan | What’s in a name? Would PFAS, by any other name be as toxic?

Going Green, Building Sustainably, and Growing the Triple Bottom Line | Future Fit Business Benchmark | Download the information presented by Norman Christopher on Going Green for Your Business in Ludington on April 22, 2019.

Mason-Lake Conservation District | Mason and Western Lake Counties’ best resource for watershed & groundwater stewardship, wildlife habitat promotion, and soil preservation.

Sable Dunes Audubon Society | Mason County chapter since 1982 of the Michigan Audubon Society.

Friends of the Ludington State Park | Volunteer group formed in 1994 dedicated to preserving, enhancing and promoting Ludington State Park.

Community Sustainability Partnership | A regional guide about Grand Rapids working toward a triple Bottom Line.

Comprenew | A nonprofit electronics refurbisher and recycler, committed to giving your retired electronic devices new life, whenever possible located in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Electronics Recycling and Data Security | Destroy data before refurbishing or reselling used electronic equipment

Environmental Working Group | A guide to navigating personal care product labels.

GreenHome Institute | Green Building Classes and Services

Recycle, Michigan™ | is a marketing campaign developed to raise awareness and participation in recycling programs across the state.

Water Stewardship for Michigan | is a partnership of organizations that provide educational assistance to Michigan’s residents to identify and reduce contamination risks to water and other natural resources.