AFFEW Presentation Series | Michigan Reptiles & Amphibians Up Close

Among many other state-native creatures Nature Discovery, in Williamston, MI, is home to the state’s largest educational zoo of Michigan native reptiles and amphibians. Via Zoom and using live specimens, Jim & Carol McGrath will discuss a wide range of common and uncommon frogs, salamanders, turtles and snakes found here, with an emphasis on “herps” found around the Ludington area.

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Earth Day | Restore Our Earth

A Month Long Celebration!

AFFEW has been working diligently to bring several safe community events to celebrate Earth Day 2021! We’ll begin with a five week Zoom presentation series starting April 6 that includes a wide range of topics. We’ll also have a fun presentation on Michigan native reptiles and amphibians, perfect for families! In addition we’ll offer some guided hikes locally and a self guided informational quiz walk at Cartier Park.

AFFEW Presentation Series

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Tuesday, April 20 | 7-8 pm with discussion to follow
Solar 101
Speaker: Greg Oliver
Agathon Solar

Do you have an interest in exploring the possibility of having solar panels installed at your home? Well then this is the right session for you! Greg Oliver will discuss the benefits of solar and options for homeowners. He’ll also outline the different types of installations, explain Net Metering and the many incentives currently available.

About the Speaker

Greg Oliver is a graduate of Thornwell Presbyterian Divinity College. He has experience in construction, project management, and the use of a myriad of computer platforms and systems. He has been in the solar industry for five years in a variety of roles. Greg is married with three children and loves to serve in a local non-profit.

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    Tuesday, April 27 | 7-8 pm with discussion to follow
    Mr. Natural’s Organic Gardening for the Homeowner
    Speaker: Alan Haslam

    This session will focus on organic gardening and the benefits of composting. Learn how to turn everyday food scraps (non-meat) into a rich soil for your garden. Introducing this “black gold” into your soil will help produce higher yields for your gardening season. Composting is an economical way to enrich your soil while reducing the amount of kitchen waste in landfills. A win-win for you and our planet!

    About the Speaker

    Alan Haslam has been gardening since preschool, thanks to his grandparents, avid gardeners themselves! Grandma and Grandpa Haslam believed in organic methods and lots of compost.

    Alan also learned how to properly trim fruit and other trees from his grandpa. He became a Certified Master Gardener and developed a veggie garden at the Senior Center in Hillsdale. He even had this garden plowed by draft horses and mules! Alan relocated to Ludington in 2013 and worked for Julia Chambers’ landscaping business. He took over some of Julia’s clients after she retired. He called the business Mr. NaturAl’s Gardens LLC, truly promoting natural and organic methods. Alan retired in 2020 and now focuses on expanding his micro farm backyard. 

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      Tuesday, May 4 | 7-8 pm with discussion to follow
      Benefits of Native Plant Gardening
      Speaker: Garrett Noyes
      Birdsfoot Native Nursery

      Join us for an informative presentation on the benefits of adding native plants to your landscape. These amazing plants have adapted over centuries, making them easier to grow and beneficial for the birds, animals and other critters in your yard. They are better suited to handle extreme temperatures, diseases and pests in their local environment. They also adapt well to a variety of soil conditions with limited water. The best part, these beautiful plants continue to add to your landscape over time! 

      About the Speaker

      Garrett Noyes is the co-owner of Birdsfoot Native Nursery located north of Traverse City. They grow Michigan native wildflowers, grasses, sedges and shrubs for landscape professionals, retail nurseries and habitat restoration efforts in the northern part of the state. They are also committed to applying organic practices to their operation. AFFEW partners with Birdsfoot Native Nursery for our annual Native Plant Sale on the second Saturday in June. 

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