Begin at Home Practical Methods for Small Restoration Projects on a Shoestring Budget

AFFEW is pleased to have Sarah Pregitzer with the Newaygo Invasive Plant Project present on native garden transformation.

Many stewards long to transform their personal landscapes with pollinator gardens, rain gardens, and meadow areas to replace traditional landscapes. Most can’t afford to hire a professional. In this hands-on workshop, we will explore methods of propagating and planting natives that are cheap, easy and highly successful . We will learn about native seed collection and storage, site preparation, winter sowing and making seedballs. All of these techniques can be adapted to schools or church groups that want to make a difference on their own land .

Participants will receive information and materials to begin their own native garden transformation. Registration deadline has been extended to October 16! Maximum number of participants is 24. Please fill out the form below and bring payment the day of the event.

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Native Plant Restoration Registration

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