Native Plant Sale

Saturday, June 12 | Time 930am-Noon

Rotary Park, Ludington

Help protect our species by gardening with native plants! AFFEW will offer a variety of native plants for sale in early June. These important plant species provide nectar, pollen, and seeds that serve as food for insects, birds and animals. Native plants also require minimal maintenance and their deep root system absorb more water than a traditional lawn. With the continuous decline of the Monarch butterfly population you can make a difference by creating a habitat for these beautiful and important orange butterflies!

Last year our sale introduced nearly 1000 native plants to our community!  AFFEW will partner with Birdsfoot Native Nursery and Designs By Nature to bring these amazing plants to YOU!

There will be a LARGE selection of individual quarts and gallon plants available the day of the sale and a representative from Birdsfoot Native Nursery will be there to answer any questions. Preview a list of plants that may be available the day of the sale. We are excited to announce that this year we will also have a limit supply of woodland wildflowers and ferns!

Having problems with deer eating your plants? View the list of deer resistant native plants from the Lansing chapter of Wild Ones. We’ll have several of these plants available the day of the sale.

Preorders for garden and single species flats of grasses and sedges are going on now as supplies last! Sample designs are below. AFFEW MEMBERS who preorder Garden or Single Species Flats of Grasses and Sedges will receive a 15% Discount on their preorder and purchases made before 10am the day of the sale!

Each Garden Flat comes with 38 organic plugs and a design plan with a mixture of plants. They include instructions and layout for a 4’x10’ garden. These one year plants are grown without chemical fertilizers or pesticides. They typically do not bloom or reach full maturity until the second year.

Deadline for preorders is May 23!

 Garden Flats | $70

Butterfly GardenPollinator GardenRain Garden
Wildflower GardenLow Growing GardenShoreline Flat Garden
NEW * Semi-Shade Garden
PLEASE NOTE: Plant substitution may take place due to availability for Garden Flats.

Single Species Flats | Grasses: $56 | Sedges: $70

Single species flats of grasses and sledges are also available and comes with 38 plugs.

Grass & Sedge Species List

SSPL Revised 5/1/2021

The deadline for preorders is May 23!

AFFEW Presentation Series | Benefits of Native Plant Gardening

Join us for an informative presentation on the benefits of adding native plants to your landscape. These amazing plants have adapted over centuries, making them easier to grow and beneficial for the birds, animals and other critters in your yard. They are better suited to handle extreme temperatures, diseases and pests in their local environment. They also adapt well to a variety of soil conditions with limited water. The best part, these beautiful plants continue to add to your landscape over time!

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    Earth Day | Restore Our Earth

    A Month Long Celebration!

    AFFEW has been working diligently to bring several safe community events to celebrate Earth Day 2021! We’ll begin with a five week Zoom presentation series starting April 6 that includes a wide range of topics. We’ll also have a fun presentation on Michigan native reptiles and amphibians, perfect for families! In addition we’ll offer some guided hikes locally and a self guided informational quiz walk at Cartier Park.

    AFFEW Presentation Series

    Watch ALL past presentations on our YouTube Channel

    Tuesday, May 11 | Solar 101 | CANCELLED!!

    We’re disappointed to report that Tuesday’s Solar 101 presentation has been cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances with the speaker. AFFEW’s board of directors will work to bring a presentation on this topic in the future. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused. We hope you have enjoyed the other presentations and events that have taken place over the past five weeks in celebration of Earth Day!

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    Hometown Habitat explains the importance of using native plants along with highlighting success stories in conservation landscaping.