AFFEW Online Native Plant Sale 2024

All orders are accepted online for Garden & Single Species flats plus individual Quart & Gallon plants.

Help protect our species by gardening with native plants! These important plants provide nectar, pollen, and seeds for many insects, birds and animals. They are also hosts for many insects all year long. Native plants also require minimal maintenance and their deep root system absorb more water than a traditional lawn. With the continuous decline of the Monarch butterfly population, you can make a difference by creating a habitat for these beautiful and important butterflies! Last year, our sale introduced over 1880 new native plants to our community! New in 2024, we have highlighted plants that are native to our section of the state on the order forms.

Having problems with deer eating your plants? View the list of deer resistant native plants from the Lansing chapter of Wild Ones.

AFFEW MEMBERS who ORDER Garden or Single Species Flats will receive a discount of $10 off Garden & Shrub Flats | $7 off Single Species Wildflowers, Grass & Sedge Flats!

Here’s how it works: Place your order with the online forms below. All orders will be confirmed with the nursery before the order is accepted. An email with a summary of your order and payment options will be sent after the order has been confirmed. Orders are available for pick up on June 8 at U Dig It Community Garden unless other arrangements have been made. Thank you for gardening with native plants and supporting AFFEW!

Garden and Single Species Flats

Each Garden Flat comes with 38 native plant plugs and a design plan for a 4’x10’ garden. Learn more about available Garden Flats 2024.

Single Species Flats also come with 38 plant plugs unless specified. Because our sale is later in the season the plants are often larger in size. These one year plants are grown without chemical fertilizers or pesticides and are Michigan genotype.

Garden Flats: $100 | Wildflower & Grass Single Species Flats: $74 unless specified | Shrub Single Species Flats: $105 (Tax included)

Butterfly GardenGrassland GardenPollinator Garden
Rain GardenSemi Shade GardenMonarch Garden
Shoreline GardenTall Prairie Garden 
PLEASE NOTE: Plant substitution may take place due to availability for Garden Flats.

Quarts & Gallon Plants

This year we’ll offer a variety of individual quart  wildflower, grass, sedge and gallon shrub plants. All plants must be ordered in advance!

Wildflower, Grass, Sedge Quarts: $7 unless specified | Shrub Gallons: $15 (Tax Included)


Have more questions? Contact Sara Bolan at 815-592-9032 or by email.

AFFEW Presentation Series | Benefits of Native Plant Gardening

Join us for an informative presentation on the benefits of adding native plants to your landscape. These amazing plants have adapted over centuries, making them easier to grow and beneficial for the birds, animals and other critters in your yard. They are better suited to handle extreme temperatures, diseases and pests in their local environment. They also adapt well to a variety of soil conditions with limited water. The best part, these beautiful plants continue to add to your landscape over time!

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    Hometown Habitat explains the importance of using native plants along with highlighting success stories in conservation landscaping.